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Our Background

ACUÑA, ACUÑA & BERMUDEZ is a law firm composed of lawyers specialized in various law fields, with 3-45 years of combined experience, and founded in 1981.

AAB Estudio Jurídico
  • Award. Dr. Consuelo Acuña, by the Rosaristas Bar (1997).
  • Award. Dr. Consuelo Acuña, by Universidad del Rosario – acknowledgment as a Tenured Professor (2005).
  • Award. Dr. Consuelo Acuña, by the Colombian Association of Retired Aviators of CAXDAC and AJUCAX – acknowledgment for the services provided (2013).
  • Acknowledgment. Dr. Consuelo Acuña, as a member of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence (ACJ) (2016).
  • Homage. Dr. Consuelo Acuña, by the Rosaristas Bar – for a life devoted to contributing to business law in the country (2016).
  • Honorable Mention. Acuña, Acuña & Bermudez, by the Equestrian Federation of Colombia – acknowledgment for the services provided (2016).
  • Best Service Provider Award, “Rigor Category”. Acuña, Acuña & Bermudez, by Terranum (2016).
  • Acknowledgment. Dr. Consuelo Acuña – Dr. Luz Marina Acuña de Bermudez, by Kores – acknowledgment for the services provided (2017).
AAB Estudio Jurídico
High Ethical Standards

We have fully developed our legal service performance mission following the highest ethical and rigorous standards in performing our professional duties. We have been outstanding in service customization and technical expertise in comprehensive advice to national and foreign companies and individuals. Our clients have always received the best attention from our partners and lawyers at the Firm. The loyalty and continuation of our clients – most of whom have received our advice for over 30 years – over this time is a proof of our strengths.

AAB Estudio Jurídico

ACUÑA, ACUÑA & BERMUDEZ, as a member and representative for Colombia of the EuréseaU, an international network of lawyers, assists its clients with support and legal advice in 23+ countries around the world through different internationally recognized law firms. Our general secretary is based in London.

Practice Areas

  1. Process
  2. Licenses and intellectual property
  3. Sports law
  4. Realty law
  1. Corporate law
  2. Due diligence
  3. Private investment funds
  4. Public law
  1. Agreements
  2. Tax law
  3. Web & technology
  4. Competence

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Are you in the cannabis industry? Are you seeking for legal, technical or financial assistance? Are you an investor? We’re here for you.

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